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Lubna Agha


Like that of many contemporary artists, Lubna Agha’s artwork is highly reflective of her personal journey. Born in Pakistan and currently living in Boston, Lubna creates work that reflects both her roots and her current circumstances. She freely borrows imagery from traditional Islamic art, but repositions iconographically powerful form in compositions that meld historically Middle Eastern techniques with a grasp of color and composition that belies a deep appreciation of Latin-based modernisms and early twentieth century Dutch abstraction.

Agha takes as a template ancient Islamic architectural features, but then allows her years of travel and self-education take the reins. She has lived throughout the Middle East, Europe and the United States, absorbing the artistic and cultural heritages that infuse her work. The result is a unique style that defies easy categorization. Certainly Agha’s work has a strong visual basis in Arabic art. Yet her work crackles with multi-culturalism. Hints of one-dimensional North African symbolism and intricate Asiatic design sparkle. Lubna Agha weaves a visual yarn, creating a language born of her past and present, telling of cultures near and far.

“Points of Reference” will be Lubna Agha’s first exhibition in Washington, DC. Her artwork has been exhibited extensively throughout the world. Highlights include exhibitions at: The American Center (Karachi, Pakistan), the Indus Gallery (Karachi, Pakistan), Asia House (London, England), UNESCO (Paris, France), the Rotterdam City Gallery & Museum (Rotterdam, Netherlands), City Gallery (Kobe, Japan), the Pacific Asia Museum (Pasadena, California) and Northeastern University (Boston, Massachusetts).









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