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About International Visions gallery and consultants :

International Visions gallery and consultants promotes and provides contemporary multi-cultural original works to museums, private collectors, and art enthusiasts by national and international artists. International Visions is committed to encourage cross-cultural exchange with diverse collections of artists from the Washington area and under-represented parts of the world.

International Visions Gallery was founded in March 1997 and was open to the public for 17 years of events. The gallery’s objective was always to allow for the free flow of information between artists, patrons and collectors; and to link people, cultures, beliefs and lifestyles through art. Owner and Director, Tim Davis’ vision for was to develop a Fine Arts Gallery in Washington to exhibit internationally and nationally known artists to promote multicultural diversity in the Washington DC area. Although the original gallery space has closed, Tim’s vision for International Visions Gallery and Consultants today is to assist individuals, collectors, museums, and art enthusiasts with broadening their scope and experience of art and represented artists.

About the Owner/Director:

Tim Davis is an artist, educator, and gallerist who received his Masters of Art degree from the University of Illinois, where he studied with artists Frank Gallo and Bill Carlson. Tim has had several years’ experience in researching, consulting and arts education. He continues to work and exhibit as a visual artist where he creates mixed media compositions of portraits and groups of people without exposing who they might be or who they may become. He was honored by the National Endowment for the Arts with an Arts Management Fellowship in 1984 and continued to work with the Expansion Arts Program at the NEA for some years. In the Washington metropolitan area, he has worked as a consultant with the D.C. Commission on the Arts and Humanities, the D.C. Art Works Murals Project, the Council on Foundations and the Arlington County Arts and Planning Commission. He has been on numerous committees and boards throughout the Washington DC area, the most recent being an appointment to the Dulles Corridor Metro Rail Public Art Selection Panel. Currently the gallery represents artists from over twenty five nations, including: Australia, Jamaica, Ghana, Kazakhstan, Argentina, Columbia, Cuba, Haiti, Pakistan, Zimbabwe, Senegal, Sudan, Bangladesh, Ukraine, Uganda, Uruguay, Canada, Russia, Vietnam, Ireland, Bulgaria and South Africa.

About the Gallery Assistant:

Alanna Reeves is a D.C. metro based artist whose preliminary practice includes printmaking, embroidery, and goauche. Follwing inspiration from her father, art is her chosen occupation leading to her aquiring a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design with a concentration in History of Art and Visual Culture.  During her undergradute career she participated in the university's European Honors Program which places students in Rome, Italy and provides time and space to conduct independent study projects. This study resulted in a strong focus on origins, displaced identities, and race and spurred her family and narrative based studio work. As she continues this practice she also seeks opportunities to support the local arts community through education.





Tim Davis 


Alanna Reeves