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Nicole Cutts


Nicole Cutts' artwork is a testament to her love of nature and a fierce desire to capture and preserve the beauty and magic that she sees in the natural world. Her abstract series, "Gemini Visions" was spawned from inspiration received in a dream. These works are studies of color and design. They combine Adinkra symbols from Ghana, Chinese characters, and natural elements with a palette of deep reds, oranges, earth tones and gold. Some of her mixed media pieces also include elements of traditional collage technique. "Found objects" gathered on her walks are captured on canvas, their natural beauty set off by rich color and texture. Nicole also paints landscapes that invite you into her magical world where sunlight and water abound. Her favorite subjects are seascapes, characterized by brilliant color and sharp detail. These works represent the power of the ocean, the sun and the moon.

Nicole was born in Washington D.C. and raised in Maryland. As a youngster she enjoyed drawing, painting and participating in local artistic competitions. She received her early training at the elbow of her uncle, George Rodney, a noted Jamaican painter. She later studied at the Corcoran School of Art, and Howard University.

"Happy Golden Spring" 9X12"



"Black Circle" 20X24"

"The Love Letter" 16"X12"

"Obscure Words and Thoughts" 20"X16"