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Volume 8



  Current Exhibitions


On November 8, 2003, International Visions hosted an exhibition entitled "Patterns" featuring artists Sani Bashir and Christopher Odunukwe from Nigeria, and Yaw Oboubi and Safori from Ghana. In Gallery II, The Photographer's Collective features photographer, George Tolbert IV.

Sani Bashir was born in 1953 in Kaduna, Nigeria. He was admitted to the prestigious art institution at Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, where he graduated in 1979 with distinction. While in the US, Sani studied art at American University in Washington, DC. He creates from his soul and his heart. His paintings and drawings express emotions and experiences of his life.

Christopher Odunukwe was born in Lagos, Nigeria, and is a native of Anambra State in eastern Nigeria. He has been exhibiting his works throughout Nigeria for the past seven years. After graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Physics from the University of Benin in 1999, he decided to pursue his early passion for art.


Yaw Oboubi, "At the Summit"

Artist, Yaw Oboubi form Ghana, West Africa, who has shown at the gallery many times, created new ‘yarn paintings’ that achieve the effect of depth perception and brush strokes through altering the texture of the yarn.

Sorfori "Jazz"

Safori interprets musical themes, African village life, and male and female interactions through his paintings. He is a self-taught artist from Ghana who also uses woodcarving, charcoals, and oils


to express his visions. Safori redesigns traditional images into contemporary forms.

George Tolbert IV is a professional photographer with 29 years of photographic experience. He is currently the Official United States Senate photographer- the first African-American in that position. George is also the Vice President of the Exposure Group; the African-American Photographers Association. His images have been seen in such publications as Time Magazine, Newsweek, Jet, The Washington Post, and the New York Times.

Upcoming Exhibitions

"A Bit of a Lot" and "A Great Excuse"

On December 3, 2003, International Visions in association with The Photographer's Collective is pleased to announce the opening of two photographic art exhibits "A Bit of a Lot" by Konrad Pearlman and "A Great Excuse" by Shannon Savage.

Konrad Pearlman has been photographing since 1958. His initial efforts were as an adjunct to his post-graduate work in city planning at the Yale School of Art and Architecture. Exposed to all of the visual arts there - painting, sculpture, graphic arts, and architecture - he began to think visually.


  His photographs explore many different areas - abstractions of all kinds, color, patterns, architecture, junk, and people engaged in everyday life, work, and sports. He photographs in both black and white and color and uses digital scanning and image enhancement. He is dedicated to photographing that which is neither immediately apparent and observable, nor obvious subject matter.

Shannon Savage combines the photographic fruits of her travels throughout the U.S. including Arizona, Nantucket, the Great Lakes region, and the Florida Keys, with her photographs from abroad; Hong Kong, Finland, Great Britain, France, and Ireland. In this exhibition, entitled "The Great Excuse" her subject matter gravitates towards landscape and architectural photography, although she hasn't locked herself into any single category. She studied various forms of art - painting, pottery, pen and ink, and woodworking - in search of a true passion and discovered all over again how much joy photography had always brought her. As a traditionalist photographer, Savage is interested in the production of images without digital manipulation. Her work further reveals her interest in capturing the finer textures and layers in an image that cannot be matched through digital photography.

  Recent Exhibitions

"Figurative Mood Paintings"

This past October 2003, International Visions - The Gallery exhibited the paintings of Annapolis-based artist Betty Murchison. Her show entitled "Figurative Mood Paintings" included twenty acrylic on canvas paintings.

Betty Murchison, "Remember"

Betty Murchison is a native of Chicago, Illinois, where she has exhibited several times. She has worked and exhibited primarily in the Washington, DC, Maryland, and Philadelphia areas for over twenty-five years. Betty is a graduate of D.C. Teachers College and Trinity College in Washington, DC.

Betty Murchison says, "I have spent a lifetime working with fragmented "real stories about relationships and the emotions that accompany then such as passion, love, sadness, solitude and loneliness."


Betty Murchison, "Waiting"

The artist was further quoted, "I always begin a new work with the certainty that a figure will emerge which causes the excitement that encourages me to bring a canvas to life. This new body of work was painted in that manner. Most of the paintings are more fully figurative, less gestural and have smooth and more even brushstrokes and color than some of my previous work."

Her paintings were eloquently described by art critic and writer for the Washington Post, Jessica Dawson (October 16,2003), as detailing "the quotidian rituals of African American women and girls. Whether flirting, lounging or chatting her subjects enjoy quiet, anticipatory moment before the action happens."


  Aboriginal Art,
Land, & Culture

16 Days/ 17 Nights

International Visions - The Gallery invites you to join our July and August 2004 tour of Australia. This unique tour affords the opportunity to meet indigenous artists who paint the stories of their "Dreamtime Ancestors" considered to be the oldest unbroken cultural information in the world, and paradoxically, the latest international art movement.

Australian tour leader, Joc Schmiechen has worked extensively with the Aboriginal people and shares his passion for educating the world on this deeply rich culture
and art.

Day 1 and 2, the tour will fly out of New York/ Los Angeles to Adelaide. In flight we cross the International Date Line and "lose" a day. On Day 3 we arrive in Adelaide, the capital of Australia, a comprehensive orientation helps to welcome the group. Day 4, the tour is afforded the opportunity to meet with Adelaide-based Aboriginal artists.

  On Day 5, the tour flies to Ayers Rock, known as Uluru. On Day 6, the tour then travels by charter plane to Alice Springs. The touring of Alice Springs continues through Day 7. On Day 8, the tour flies onto Darwin and then to Kununurra. Days 9 through 11 includes visits to Grotto Rock, Middle Creek, Red Rock art Gallery, the Emu Creek Community, Valentine Creek, Black Rock Falls, Turkey Creek, Crocodile Hole, and the Lost City. On Day 12, the tour visits Darwin, home to a broad range of specialist Aboriginal art galleries. On Day 13, the tour charters a scenic flight from Darwin to Bathurst and Melville Islands, known as the Tiwi Islands. On Day 14, the tour flies out to Gove (Nhulunbuy) for an overnight stay. On Day 15, the tour departs from Gove and flies out to Echo Island and then ventures on to Mt. Borradaile. Day 16 involves touring the rock art locations at Mt. Borradaile. On day 17, the tour takes a short flight to Injalak for a day visit and returns by charter flight to Darwin that evening. On Day 18, the tour departs for Sydney. The tour enjoys the Sydney Biennale Events on Day 19. On Day 20, the tour flies home.
For more information and further details on this tour contact International Visions - The Gallery. (202) 234-5112

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Schedule of Exhibitions 2004

Photographs by Shannon Savage and Konrad Perlman
Opening Reception: Saturday, December 4

Group Exhibition- "Abstractions Revisited" with artists:
Kevin Cole, David Scott, George Kotchev, Nadia Kocheva,
Sheila Rotner, Lila Snow, Marsha Staiger, and Halide Salam- Gallery I
Opening Reception: Saturday, January 10, 2004

Group Exhibition- "Abstractions Revisited 2004 "- Gallery I (continued)
Photographs by Leena Jayaswal-
Gallery II
Opening Reception: Saturday, February 7, 2004

SUNDAY, APRIL 10, 2004
Paintings by Preston Sampson
Paintings by Verna Hart
Opening Reception: Saturday, March 6, 2004

SUNDAY MAY 15 2004
Paintings by Almagul Menlibaeva
Paintings by Sheldon Horton
Opening Reception: Saturday,
April 17, 2004

JUNE 26, 2004
Collages by Jefferson Pinder
Paintings by Lauren Saxon
Opening Reception: Saturday
May 22, 2004

JULY 31, 2004
The Art of Haiti (To commemorate the 200th anniversary)
Opening Reception: TBA

AUGUST- The Gallery is closed
AUSTRALIA TRIP (Schedule in this Newsletter)