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Yaw Obuobi


Yaw Oboubi was born to a family of artists in Ghana, West Africa. At and early age he mastered the manipulation of such natural materials as grains, leaves, metal and fiber, creating his first formally exhibited work at the age of nine. Yarn collage painting allows Yaw with the opportunity to create outside the boundaries of conventional and traditional processes. Furthermore allowing him the opportunity to blend his passions for color, texture, line, and shade into original and highly distinctive creations. In the Rhythm of Life collection Yaw offers us a spiritual experience woven through the threads of music and dance, as it exists in Ghanaian culture. Yaw seeks to preserve memory through four thematic mediums: the realism of still life, the spirituality of his society, the abstract interpretation of traditional symbols and beliefs, and the expressiveness of individual portraits. Yaw, an internationally recognized artist, has exhibited widely in the U.S., Europe, and Africa.