2629 Connecticut Ave.
Washington, D.C. 20008

Collection Management:
Help collectors prepare for future assessments for insurance, appraisals, auction sales, and determine the legacy of the collection. We will create a database for the entire collection by photographing work, record descriptions and provenance, and facilitating conservation.

Curatorial Service:

Organize and provide selections of artists and art work for exhibitions in offices, museums, public spaces, galleries and private homes. Through diversified, distinctive, and thought provoking narratives in art we curate exhibitions that can be temporary or permanent.

Public Art Commissions:
Provide paintings, drawings, photography, prints and sculpture for public art places such as museums, universities, public schools, government agencies, hospitals, and public parks. Institutions and clients have a chance to select art, mediums and which artist to work with. This includes digital media, new media, performance art and art festivals.

Collection Sale Assistance:
Assist collectors with the sale of their art collection.  As part of this serice we will research the current market value, list the selected art works on our website, and contact potential buyers.

Contact our office for addtional information on servies and rates.    202.234.5112   intvisionsgallery@gmail.com

Past Exhibition at International Visions including the work of Frank Smith, Michael Platt, James Phillips, and Wadsworth Jarrell.